The World’s Oldest Narrative Carving Shows Humanoid Holding His Genitals While Being Approached by Wild Animals

The World’s Oldest Narrative Carving Shows Humanoid Holding His Genitals While Being Approached by Wild Animals

The oldest narrative carving that was ever discovered is beyond hilarious. It consists of a humanoid holding his genitals while he’s surrounded by two savage animals. The idea belongs to those who inhabited the current territory of southeastern Turkey (the Urfa region, to be more precise) about 11,000 years ago. The carving measures 0.7 to 0.9 meters in height and 3.7 meters in length.

The news in question will surely both frighten and amaze a lot of folks. The humanoid present in the carving seems to be engaged in self-stimulating sexual pleasure while being attacked by wild animals. Eylem Özdoğan, who is both the author of the new study and an archaeologist at Istanbul University, managed to find the carving on a New Stone Age building. To be more precise, the location is Sayburç, which is a Neolithic mound site located 32 km north of the border with Syria.

There’s another humanoid creature standing next to the one who holds his phallus, and this former one seems to hold a snake, probably to scare away the beasts that are nearby. 

In an email to Live Science, Özdoğan explained:

In places such as Göbekli Tepe and Sayburç, there is a masculine world and its reflections — male predatory animals, phalluses, and male depictions. The ones at Sayburç are different in that they are depicted together to form a scene.

The same archaeologist stated as quotes:

Archaeological evidence can provide some insight into the traditions of the past societies but clearer evidence rarely survives, so this discovery is exciting,

Sayburç has very clear evidence in this respect and has the potential to tell us a lot about the Neolithic society that we do not know, yet.

The new study can be read in more detail via the Antiquity journal, where it has been published.


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