The Vatican Observatory Summer School is Open Once Again

The Vatican Observatory Summer School is Open Once Again

Humanity can’t possibly progress without astronomy and astrophysics, as exploring the unknown of the Cosmos, regardless of how much, is crucial. Everybody knows this, which is why the Vatican Observatory Summer School just had to reopen its doors.

That’s right, fellow space enthusiasts! Amidst the serene Papal Summer Gardens of Castel Gandolfo, the Vatican Observatory is set to once again host its prestigious Summer School in Observational Astronomy and Astrophysics, as the Vatican News reports. After a long pause due to the COVID pandemic, the biennial event will welcome 24 talented students from 20 different countries.

The Vatican Observatory Summer School will take place between June 4 – 30

The 18th edition of the Vatican Observatory Summer School (VOSS) has the following theme: “Learning the Universe: Data Science Tools for Astronomical Surveys.” Esteemed experts in machine learning for astrophysical studies, Dr. Viviana Acquaviva and Dr. Željko Ivezić, will be those who will lead the faculty.

As telescopes and detectors become increasingly advanced, the vast amount of astronomical data to analyze also grows exponentially. The 2023 Summer School will focus on understanding the science regarding astronomical surveys and equipping students with the skills to harness big data and machine learning in their own research. 

This year’s diverse cohort represents nations such as India, Mexico, Argentina, China, and South Africa. The students, which were carefully selected from a large pool of applicants, will enjoy the privilege of being personally greeted by Pope Francis, continuing a cherished tradition.

The Vatican Observatory Summer School has been a platform for knowledge exchange since its inception back at the end of the twentieth century, attracting over 400 participants from around the world. Accessibility is prioritized, as the program is open to students regardless of their financial statuses. Thanks to the generous support from the Vatican Observatory Foundation, tuition, travel, and accommodation are covered.



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