The Ultra-Rare Blue Moon of 2021 Will Be Visible From the US This Night

The Ultra-Rare Blue Moon of 2021 Will Be Visible From the US This Night

The Moon is not only the natural satellite that has a tremendous role in making the Earth a more livable planet. It’s also our nighttime companion and friend, and it can take several different forms that we find interesting to watch.

According to The Sun, an ultra-rare Blue Moon of 2021 (aka the Sturgeon Moon) will be visible in the sky this night. The phenomenon happens only once in three years. NASA reveals that the Blue Moon will reach its peak at about 1.04 am ET.

Keep in mind that there’s a catch

Despite the moniker, the Moon won’t exactly be as “blue” as it sounds. The confusion happens because the term originates in “blewe”, which is the old English word for “betrayer”.

A note from NASA’s website says, as quoted by The Sun:

As the third full Moon in a season that has four full Moons, this will be a Blue Moon by the older definition,

The first recorded use of “Blue Moon” in English dates from 1528.

Since the 1940s the term “Blue Moon” has also been used for the second full Moon in a month that has two full Moons.

Astronomers had been planning for quite a while to return to the Moon during the Artemis program. Instead of happening in 2024 as it was initially planned, the landing will occur after April 2025 because the needed spacesuits won’t be finished in time.
However, the Moon can’t always be on our side. The Earth’s natural satellite can even act as a cause for mass flooding on our planet, and it can even happen in a few years.

What do you think about the upcoming Blue Moon? Will you be willing to admire it? Feel free to tell us your own opinion in the comment section!


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