The Sun Will Release a Huge Eruption Very Soon – Should We Worry?

The Sun Will Release a Huge Eruption Very Soon – Should We Worry?

As far as we can see, 2022 is not a pretty good year already. We spoke in a recent article about how the Sun, meaning the star that offers energy and heat to all of us, has been through some tumultuous activity back in February.

It was also said that it could be far from over, and now we get some compelling confirmation. Scientists in charge of space weather are now telling the world that a coronal mass ejection (CME) ejected from the Sun will head towards our planet very soon, according to

The CME arrives on Thursday

According to the same publication, Earth is not exactly in the trajectory of the Sun’s eruption, as the CME will pass by. We should be very grateful for that, as these events can cause plenty of damage to electrical systems if they interact with our planet. 

Luckily enough, astronomers never seem to take a break from analyzing the Sun. Last year in December, the Parker Solar Probe owned by NASA managed to “touch” the Sun.


Nour Raouafi, a project scientist at Parker, explains more about the achievement, as quoted by NASA’s website:

Flying so close to the Sun, Parker Solar Probe now senses conditions in the magnetically dominated layer of the solar atmosphere – the corona – that we never could before,

We see evidence of being in the corona in magnetic field data, solar wind data, and visually in images. We can actually see the spacecraft flying through coronal structures that can be observed during a total solar eclipse.

The Sun is located 150 million kilometers away from Earth, allowing our planet to be positioned in the right area to not deal with too high or too low temperatures. It’s what is known as the “Goldilocks Zone” of the Solar System, where life can emerge and evolve.

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