The Strawberry Supermoon Will Dominate the Night Sky in Just a Few Days – Where to Watch the Event LIVE

The Strawberry Supermoon Will Dominate the Night Sky in Just a Few Days – Where to Watch the Event LIVE

Taking a good look at our beloved Moon is one of the favorite activities of many people and for good reasons. We’re talking about the natural satellite that plays a huge role in moderating our planet’s wobble on its axis. 

The Moon is also the brightest object in the night sky, which is why it has been associated with all sorts of fantastic creatures and stories. But when our natural satellite becomes a so-called ‘Strawberry Supermoon,’ the human imagination goes even wilder! However, it’s mainly a very scientific and astronomic event that serves as a majestic sighting in the night sky!

Are you ready for the 2022 Strawberry Supermoon?

The 2022 Strawberry Supermoon will dominate the night sky in only two days on June 14 if the area where you live won’t be too cloudy. brings the news about the upcoming celestial event. 

You’ll even get to watch the Strawberry Supermoon via streaming if you’re not up for the real deal. ‘The Virtual Telescope Project’ YouTube channel prepares to stream the event that will be live online on June 14, when the Moon will become red:

Astrophysicist Gianluca Masi will be the host of the webcast, and he said, as quotes:

We will admire the full moon rising above the glorious monuments of Rome, the
Eternal City.

The ‘strawberry’ word is given due to the short strawberry harvesting season.

It’s nice to see that astronomers never seem to lose interest when it comes to the Moon, in one way or another. For instance, NASA plans to send the Orion capsule, as part of its upcoming Artemis mission, to fly a list of names toward the Moon. Therefore, a civilian’s name could also be on that list as well! Maybe even yours!

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