The Speed of Light Has Apparently Been Surpassed

The Speed of Light Has Apparently Been Surpassed

A great physicist said that nothing could possibly surpass the speed of light through space, which is set at almost 300,000 km/sec. If an object somehow breaks this law of nature and exceeds the speed of light, it would automatically travel backward in time. You may have heard about that great physicist – his name was Albert Einstein.

But what if even Einstein was wrong, and something can indeed travel faster than light? After all, despite his genius mind, the physicist still had his blunders. 

The GW170817 cosmic event did NOT exceed the speed of light

Futurism informs that the cosmic event known as GW170817, which consisted of a binary neutron star merger, ignited a jet of radiation that was apparently 7 times faster than the speed of light, according to observations made by the Hubble telescope.

After the collision, the two neutron stars even collapsed into a black hole, which represents a pretty usual fate.

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It turns out, after calculations, that Einstein’s claim that nothing can exceed the speed of light still stands still. The superliminal motion was what made scientists believe for an instant that the jet was traveling faster than light. The illusion was caused due to the jet traveling near the speed of light and without surpassing it, but with light emitted at later points that has a shorter distance to travel each time.

Neutron stars are extremely dense cosmic objects, and they are the relics of once massive stars that finished burning all of their fuel.

Albert Einstein also made the bold statement that the speed of light is always constant, regardless of how fast the observer moves. This is a feature that no other object in the Universe seems to have.

The GW170817 cosmic event was first observed five years ago, and the new study was published in Nature.


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