The Simple Act of Walking Could Add Over a Decade to Your Life

The Simple Act of Walking Could Add Over a Decade to Your Life

There’s no secret in the medical world that the simple act of walking can lead to weight loss as well as other health benefits. The benefits will be even higher if you choose to walk for about one hour in different ways.

According to a new study that tells the world about and that was conducted by Thomas Yates, who is a professor in physical activity, sedentary behavior and health, at the University of Leicester, walking can even add plenty of years to your life. That’s awesome, considering that we all have to admit that life is short. The average life expectancy in the US, for instance, is about 78 years. In Europe, it’s 81 years.

Add up to 15 years to your life by walking

The new study in question claims that you can add even 15 years to your life through the simple act of walking. Over 400,000 adults from the UK were assessed for the new research. Doctor Ellie also supports the great news about the benefits of walking, adding that surpassing 6,000 steps while walking might be a “good benchmark”. Furthermore, if you carry something while walking, that’s even more beneficial, according to the doctor. The explanation is simple: it adds weight and therefore solicits your body even more.

Here’s what the Mayo Clinic has to say about walking:

Physical activity doesn’t need to be complicated. Something as simple as a daily brisk walk can help you live a healthier life.

The same source adds:

The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits. For example, you may start out as an average walker, and then work your way up to walking faster and walking a mile in a shorter amount of time than an average walker, similar to power walkers. This can be a great way to get aerobic activity, improve your heart health and increase your endurance while burning calories.

The new study is awaited to be published in Communications Biology.

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