The Sakurajima Volcano From Japan Erupts – Watch VIDEO

The Sakurajima Volcano From Japan Erupts – Watch VIDEO

Sakurajima, the active stratovolcano, which now consists of a peninsula located in Kagoshima Prefecture (Kyushu, Japan), erupted on Sunday night at about 8 pm. The event led to an evacuation mandate of residents, and fortunately, no immediate information about damage or injuries in nearby places was reported.

The information about the eruption was brought by the Meteorological Agency of Japan. Wandering around anywhere near the sight would surely be a terrible idea since the eruption blew off big chunks of rocks as far as over 2 kilometers away.

YouTube video

Yoshihiko Isozaki, the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, said to reporters, as NPR quotes:

We will put the people’s lives first and do our utmost to assess the situation and respond to any emergency. 

Unsurprisingly, the alert level was raised the highest because of the eruption. 

Sakurajima erupting is not something entirely new, however. We’re talking about one of the most active volcanoes in Japan, as it erupted a few times in recent decades.

Back in September 2016, Bristol University and Sakurajima Volcano Research Centre experts suggested that in less than 30 years, the volcano would undergo a major eruption. Since that time, the volcano has erupted twice, without counting today’s eruption event.

Across Japan, a total of 111 active volcanoes exist.


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