The Planet Earth Ages And Its ‘Magnetic Shield’ Weakens

The Planet Earth Ages And Its ‘Magnetic Shield’ Weakens

The science has proven that the famous ‘magnetic shield’ of the Earth extends from the inner core of the planet to the limits of the atmosphere where it meets the solar wind, a stream of energetic particles emanating from the Sun and considered a danger to our planet.

Without the ‘magnetic shield’ the Earth would be fried by UV rays

The specialists affirmed that, if this field would not exist, the particles would destroy the ozone layer that protects the planet Earth from the ultraviolet rays.

According to a BBC report, if the Earth would lose its ‘magnetic shield’ (scientifically known as magnetosphere) the ozone layer would be eliminated, leading to the destruction of the atmosphere, as it has happened with the Red Planet, Mars.

The South Atlantic Anomaly

Scientists revealed that the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly’ is an area where the radiation belts concentrate large numbers of high-charged energy particles, caused by the solar wind captured by the ‘magnetic shield’.

According to recent studies page, this natural phenomenon occurs at thousands of kilometers above the surface of the Earth and is very closely related to the rotation of the core of the Earth and its surface.

Planet Earth ages and weakens

The geophysicist at the University of Rochester, John A. Tarduno, explained that over the years the strength of the magnetic field drops considerably and the area where it is weakest is in the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly’.

John A. Tarduno pointed out that if the Earth’s ‘magnetic shield’ weakens, more radiations will penetrate to the surface of the planet. An example of this phenomenon is Uruguay, a country that presents a greater degree of weakening in that part of the field, where the heat is higher than normal in certain seasons.

In conclusion, the planet Earth ages and its ‘magnetic shield’ weakens leading to lower Ozone layer and higher temperatures than normal in some regions of the world.


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