The Peculiar Movements of the Solar System’s Planets Are Revealed Through Animations

The Peculiar Movements of the Solar System’s Planets Are Revealed Through Animations

If you’ve been skipping the physics class in high school like many of us, there’s no use getting too upset. Top scientists also have some trouble grasping complex concepts fully. For instance, humanity may know a lot about gravity, especially thanks to the work of Albert Einstein, but there are still some questions left unanswered about this fundamental force of nature.

Yahoo News writes about the work of James O’Donoghue, an astronomer who works at the space agency of Japan. He also worked as a planetary scientist for NASA, which means that we should trust his work at least when it comes to creating animations that reveal the movements of certain planets.

The scientist declared, as quoted by Yahoo News:

I thought, ‘This is actually kind of efficient’ – an efficient way of doing outreach to people,

If you’re from a rural area like myself, that’s kind of important. I didn’t have any exposure to any scientists where I’m from. You’d have to go very far away to reach one.

The astronomer also explains for Insider that the planets that are in stable orbits around the Sun are in those areas because they’re “survivors”. What happens is that these planets travel at high enough speeds to not get into a collision with the Sun.

The existence of a ninth planet in our Solar System has long been theorized by astronomers. And no, we’re not talking about Pluto; that object lost its status as a planet about fifteen years ago. However, there are even renowned voices in the media claiming that Pluto should be considered a planet again. One of those voices is the former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, and he shocked everyone when he said that Pluto should be regarded as a planet. Instead, Pluto is currently officially considered a dwarf planet by astronomers.

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