The Origins Of Life – Humans Are Not From Earth

The Origins Of Life – Humans Are Not From Earth

Life in Universe is like a viral infection spreading fast between solar systems and planets. At least, that’s what more and more scientists believe, according to the latest discoveries regarding the origins of life. To put it in other words, humans are not from Earth.

There are a few scientists in the world that share the same theories regarding the origins of life on the planet Earth which, apparently, have their foundation in the recent revelations in this specific field.

Accordingly, the most common form of life, the bacteria, is widespread in the Universe and can fly from one part of the Cosmos to another with meteorites and asteroids. Also, bacteria, according to the researchers, is present in space dust, therefore, there are high chances that this primordial form of life to be present on more planets than scientists have thought before.

Aliens brought humans to Earth, tens of thousands of years ago

Dr. Ellis Silver, the author of the book ‘Humans Are Not From Earth’, has thoroughly studied the humans’ evolution and origins of life. He reached one conclusion. Namely, the humans are, in reality, aliens. According to him, we were brought here tens of thousands of years ago by an alien species.

Apparently, he said, humans are the only species on the Earth which, despite being the most developed one, is, at the same time, the poorest adapted one to the conditions of the Earth.

Dr. Silver argues the alien origin of humans by the fact that humans are “harmed by sunlight, present a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, have ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more.”

However, despite this hypothesis, the science has proven that space objects may contain elements needed for life, such as water or organic compounds. For example, both water and organic compounds have been extracted from two 4.5-million-year-old space rocks, one which fell in Texas, the US, and another which hit Morocco, back in 1998.

In conclusion, the theory that humans are not from Earth earns more and more adepts, lately, and the scientific evidence that space rocks contain water and organic compounds tend to lead to the conclusion that, indeed, the origins of life are not here, on this planet, but somewhere in the Universe.


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