The Nazca Mummies Could Be Extraterrestrials Or Bio Robots, According To A Team Of Researchers

The Nazca Mummies Could Be Extraterrestrials Or Bio Robots, According To A Team Of Researchers

In 2017, a team of archaeologists has discovered some sort of mummies and parts of mummified bodies that did not look human or resemble any known animal. Just recently, scientists from St. Petersburg collected tissues samples from the mummies and, after conducting sever tests, concluded that the Nazca mummies could be extraterrestrials.

Peru is a country of many mysteries

Peru is a mysterious country as it seems to be the cradle of very little known civilizations, perhaps even of alien origin, according to some.

For example, the Nazca region of Peru is well-known because there are the famous Nazca Lines which are enormous representations of humans and animals. However, in Nazca, there are also the ancient tombs that contain mummified human remnants belonging to the Inca civilization.

The Nazca mummies

The Nazca mummies have been discovered in 2017 and seem to be of extraterrestrial origin.

The incredible discovery could change everything about our history, as we know it right now. The bodies of these mysterious mummies were dated, using the radioactive carbon method, as between 1,700 and 1,800 years old.

A computed tomography, made on May 19th, 2017, reveals that the mummies have a complex bones structures and they only present three fingers in the hands and feet, something that is not characteristic to any known human species.

Recently, the Russians scientists have studied the mummies DNA

“Right now we are making a detailed analysis to see if the shape of the position of all the chromosomes, of all the amino acids, coincides with ours,” explained one of the study’s authors, the Russian National Research University’ professor, Konstantin Korotkov.

According to Korotkov, the mummies present the same number of chromosomes pairs, 23, as any human, and they look pretty much like us.

However, there are some details that intrigued the researchers and made them conclude that the Nazca mummies are could be extraterrestrials or bio robots. Namely, the scientists observed that the mummies’ anatomy structures are totally different from humans’ ones. Thus, the mummies have fixed jaws and abnormal dental structures, all these besides the fact that they possess only 3 fingers on hands and feet.

The Russians are now collaborating with a Peruvian science team trying to prove or disprove their initial conclusion that the Nazca mummies could be extraterrestrials or bio robots.


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