The Moon Poses An Unexpected Problem For Astronauts

The Moon Poses An Unexpected Problem For Astronauts

It’s already a known fact that space travel is not at all risk-free. On the other hand, experts are just starting to learn how harsh the universe can be.

It’s been revealed by the Extreme Tech online publication that a new analysis of the conditions on the moon shows that there are much higher levels of radiation than previously expected.

The Chinese-German team claims that the lunar surface is really unsafe and humans will not be able to spend long periods of time there.

This was not previously known and such an issue can definitely complicate the plans that NASA has for long-term lunar presence. 

It’s been reported that NASA took radiation measurements on the moon back in the 1969s and 1970s during the Apollo missions. The readings proved that astronauts could be spending a few days on the surface and it’s important to note that this was all that NASA needed back then.

The maximum time someone can spend on the Moon safely 

According to Extreme Tech, it did not take daily readings to determine the maximum time that someone could be able to stick on the Moon.

The new study is doing exactly this with the help of an experiment that was performed by China’s Chang’E 4 lander in 2019.

“Astronauts on the moon will encounter radiation between two and three times more intense than experienced on the International Space Station (ISS) and 200 times more intense than levels on Earth,” according to the reports.

Study co-author Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber from the University of Kiel concluded that you could only hang out on the Moon for two months.

“That takes into account the radiation you’d encounter on the week-long trip to and from the moon as well,” the same official notes reveal. 

Check out the original article in order to learn more available details about the issue. 


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