The Magnetic North Pole Moves Fast Towards Russia – The Explanation

The Magnetic North Pole Moves Fast Towards Russia – The Explanation

There is no novelty that the magnetic north pole not being the same as the geographic north pole. The geographic one is the true steady north placed at the center of the Northern Hemisphere.

The magnetic north pole is the wanderer twin that moves toward Russia at 55 to 60 kilometers every year. It is the only place on Earth where, if you held the magnetic compass so that the needle would rotate about a horizontal axis, the needle would point straight down.

So, the North magnetic pole and the antagonist South magnetic pole aren’t antipodal. It united by a straight line then the line wouldn’t intersect with the geometric center of the planet. All these happen because of what is mysteriously going on in the Earth’s core.

The magnetic north pole migrates from Canada to Russia

Dr. Philip Livermore of the University of Leeds in the UK believes he has an explanation for the continuous migration of the magnetic pole from Canada towards Russia.

Unlike the solid inner core, the outer core is nickel-iron liquid. According to the Dynamo theory, there are eddy currents in the outer core. They are believed to be the primary source of the Earth’s magnetic field.

It seems there are two magnetic patches in the Earth’s outer core that are placed beneath Canada and Siberia, and it appears that they are in some sort of a battle over power. The patch underneath Siberia is winning the battle inch by inch for the last century.

“This change in the pattern of flow has weakened the patch under Canada and ever so slightly increased the strength of the patch under Siberia. This is why the [magnetic North Pole] has left its historic position over the Canadian Arctic and crossed over the International Date Line. Northern Russia is winning the ‘tug of war’ if you like,” said Livermore.


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