The Location of the Garden of Eden Might Have Been Found, Archaeologists Believe

The Location of the Garden of Eden Might Have Been Found, Archaeologists Believe

The Bible has been approved by many as a true testament that spreads God’s word and Jesus Christ’s actions to build and shape the humanity. Other people state that the Bible is nothing more than fiction, while others are saying that they have discovered archeological evidence that could demonstrate its existence. But, the location of the Garden of Eden remained a mystery for believers.

Professor Tom Meyer, commonly referred to as the Bible Memory Man, has declared that two particular artifacts can back up the Biblical story of creation. The two archeological artifacts cast light on the first chapters of the Genesis. While one of them is showing the location of the storyline, the other one demonstrates the presence of the Original Sin narrative.

Scientists believe they might have discovered the Garden of Eden’s location

The Sumerian King List is an artifact discovered by Herbert Wells, an English archeologist, which dates back from 2100BC to 1650BC. Professor Meyer is underlining that this discovery shows the first city that was ever built according to the artifacts discovered until now.

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The Garden of Eden is probably located at Eridu, being covered in a cluster of tells. Tel is the result of a civilization that builds its necessities over another culture. In the end, everything is buried throughout the years. The first time that this area was discovered was back in 1855 by John George Taylor, an English archeologist. More than five decades later, HR Hall and Campbell Thompson reminded the humanity of this unique artifact.

The archeological digs are demonstrating that the possible locations of the Garden of Eden were densely populated back in their times. In addition to this, the area of this city is in the proximity of many other relevant biblical cities such as the city of Ur, which is only 12 miles away from Eridu. Other examples include the town of Babilon, 150 miles away from Eridu and Erech, the capital of the Kingdom of Nimrod, which is 50 miles away.

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