The Last SpaceX Cargo Delivery Made With the Dragon 1 capsule Has Been Completed

The Last SpaceX Cargo Delivery Made With the Dragon 1 capsule Has Been Completed

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have secured a SpaceX Dragon 1 cargo capsule with the help of the Canadarm2. The robotic arm snatched the vessel and positioned it into the docking area. The event is significant since the CSR contract between SpaceX and NASA has been fulfilled.

The space agency has already signed a CSR-2 contract with SpaceX as it was pleased by the previous one. According to the new deal, the commercial resupply services (CSR) will be conducted with the help of the Dragon 2 capsule, which comes with a significant improvement as it can dock itself without the need for additional assistance.

SpaceX has achieved several milestones with the help of the Dragon 1. In 2012 the spacecraft became the first commercial spacecraft that was docked at the ISS. More than 94,0000 pounds (or 43,000 kilograms) of cargo have been delivered during the lifetime of the CSR contract, including several scientific experiments and valuable equipment.

SpaceX Completed the Last Cago Delivery With Dragon 1

The press release offered by NASA mentions that the Dragon 2 capsule will return to our planet vial a water landing that will take place in the Atlantic Ocean. In other news, SpaceX has been hard at work on the testing of the Crew Dragon.

The project has been moved to Florida, and it is estimated that it will be ready for launch in the following months. Some sources claim that the company plans to improve the capabilities of the spacecraft to make it a secure choice for regular transports of astronauts towards and from the ISS.

Two astronauts will board the Crew Dragon for a demo flight, which aims to prove that the capsule is safe and usable. Several safety protocols have been implemented to ensure that the astronauts will not be harmed, and any signs of failure will cancel the flight and initiate the abort strategies.

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