The Jezero Crater of Mars Was Once Teeming With Organic Material

The Jezero Crater of Mars Was Once Teeming With Organic Material

Wouldn’t it be arrogant to be certain that there is no such thing as aliens out there in space? Why would humans represent the only intelligent life forms in the Universe? Astronomers don’t lose hope, as they still believe in their chances of finding some signature of alien life right “next-door” – on planet Mars. 

According to IFLScience, a new analysis of data brought back from NASA’s Perseverance rover confirms that the Jezero Crater of Mars was once teeming with organic material. The research also confirms that the crater was once an ancient lake. 

Aliens on Mars? Not yet

Organic material once existing abundantly on the Red Planet doesn’t automatically mean that little green men were racing one another while swimming into the ancient lake. It also doesn’t mean that alien life of any kind, even microscopic, necessarily existed on our neighboring planet. Organic molecules simply indicate that the chances for alien life to exist are higher than astronomers previously expected. 

Igneous rocks were found in the Jezero Crater, which measures 45 kilometers in diameter. These rocks are formed from magma, and they have proven to be altered by water.

Dr. Joseph Razzell Hollis, the co-lead author from the Natural History Museum in London, prefers not to open the champagne just yet. He explained to IFLScience regarding the organic compounds that were found at the Jezero Crater:

These could potentially be the building blocks of life, but we won’t know for certain until we can analyze these samples in more detail. And that’s why the Perseverance mission is caching samples. So it’s taking samples of the rocks it finds and storing them in special sample tubes.

NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars’ Jezero Crater back in early 2021. A study regarding the new discoveries at the Jezero Crater of the Red Planet was published in Science.

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