The ISS Is Facing A Problem And The Source Cannot Be Found

The ISS Is Facing A Problem And The Source Cannot Be Found

There have been reports about a tiny bit of air that’s always leaking from the ISS, but it was not as much as it’s leaking now. 

Science Alert noted that officials talked about the issue back in September 2019, but they did not do anything about the problem for almost a year now because this was not a major leak. More than that, it seems that the station operations, such as space walks and crew exchanges have been keeping crew members too busy to collect enough data about the issue.

Recently, the technicians detected an increase to the elevated leak rate and NASA made sure to announce on August 20 that the three men who are aboard the ISS, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and Roscosmos cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner – would begin a hunt for the source.

The search is taking longer than expected 

That search is reportedly “taking longer than expected,” NASA spokesman Daniel Huot told Business Insider last week.

He said that the tech teams are still reviewing the data that’s been collected by the crew.

It seems that they have ruled out most of the station’s modules and they could complete their review in the future days.

If the leak still cannot be found, a plan B will be necessary, they said.

The online publication mentioned above also noted that the little bit of air that’s leaked can be easily replaced by “launching large highly pressurized tanks filled with nitrogen and oxygen upon resupply missions.”

The issue is that such tanks might not be able to replace air quickly enough if such a small leak were to become major.
We recommend that you check out the complete original article, in order to find out all the available details about the issue. 

NASA made headlines not too long ago when it’s been revealed that the space agency is fighting to prevent the contamination of the solar system.

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