The ‘Humanity Star’ Of The Rocket Lab Has Disintegrated Into The Earth’s Atmosphere

The ‘Humanity Star’ Of The Rocket Lab Has Disintegrated Into The Earth’s Atmosphere

Rocket Lab, a New Zealand company, placed in Earth orbit a huge disco ball, called Humanity Star, at the beginning of the year. Extremely luminous, it was theoretically intended to push the inhabitants of our little planet to take a step back on their small and insignificant existence but it especially caused the wrath of astronomers and all the fans of stars and exoplanets. Even more, Humanity Star disintegrated into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Humanity Star was indeed in the form of a ball consisting of no less than sixty-five reflective facets capable of reflecting the rays of our star to make the object visible to all.

Given its size and structure, the artificial star could indeed be seen with the naked eye from all the areas overflown.

Rocket Lab’s Humanity Star project was meant to change the humans’ way of thinking
Peter Beck, the illustrious CEO of Rocket Lab, described his star saying that “wherever you are on Earth, no matter what happens in your life, everyone will be able to see that star in the sky. Our hope is that every person looking at it will observe the vast expanse of the universe and think differently about his/her life, his/her actions and what is important for humanity”.

The idea was therefore mainly to push each individual living on this planet to raise their eyes to the sky and to show a certain relativism.

A fast disintegration

Caleb Scharf, the director from the Department of Astrobiology at Columbia University, had gone even further accusing Rocket Lab of trying to promote his company through this operation and he had even compared the launch of this sparkling sphere to a company hanging its slogan at the top of Everest.

Rocket Lab, as its name suggests, is in the aerospace industry and specializes in small rockets.

By launching Humanity Star in space, the company was, therefore sure to put her mark in the spotlight. Many have therefore assumed that the gesture of the company was not completely disinterested.

All did not obviously go as planned since the space disco ball of the company was disoriented earlier this week and then fell towards the surface of our planet. The Rocket Lab’s Humanity Star disintegrated when it reached into the Earth’s atmosphere.


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