The Hubble Telescope Spots a Star-Creating Black Hole

The Hubble Telescope Spots a Star-Creating Black Hole

Who said that a black hole is necessarily bad? Sure, such a structure is terrifying enough due to its weird traits. It defies the laws of physics, something totally unusual for the rest of the Cosmos. A black hole is also known to attract even light due to its huge gravity.

As for now, a new discovery of the good old Hubble Space Telescope is showing another way that a black hole can be useful for the Universe.

Black hole is fostering star formation

Hubble now amazes astronomers by discovering a black hole that fosters star formation.

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Amy Reines, the main investigator on the new observations made by Hubble, declared the following, as quoted by

Ten years ago, as a graduate student thinking I would spend my career on star formation, I looked at the data from Henize 2-10 and everything changed, 

From the beginning I knew something unusual and special was happening in Henize 2-10, and now Hubble has provided a very clear picture of the connection between the black hole and a neighboring star forming region located 230 light-years from the black hole.

However, astronomers have been aware for quite a while about another way that black holes are useful for the Universe. They suspect that a supermassive black hole is hiding at the center of each galaxy in the Universe. It’s surely the case for our Milky Way galaxy – the Sagittarius A black hole is dwelling at the galactic center. What can a supermassive black hole do in such a place? It could be the foundation of the galaxy itself, making the stars rotate around a specific spot.

It’s great to see that even a few weeks after the James Webb Space Telescope was launched, Hubble is still in charge of wonderful discoveries about our Universe!


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