The Future Asgardia Space Nation Has Proclaimed Its Leader, The Russian Billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli

The Future Asgardia Space Nation Has Proclaimed Its Leader, The Russian Billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli

Russian billionaire and rocket scientist Igor Ashurbeyli has taken a new step in his future independent space nation, Asgardia. At a ceremony held in the former Viennese imperial palace of the Hofburg, Ashurbeyli was proclaimed Head of State of Asgard space nation for five years. The self-financed event included a choral presentation of the nation’s anthem, an official oath and a video message from Russian astronaut Oleg Artemiev from the International Space Station.

“This day will certainly go down in the annals of the most important events in human history,” Ashurbeyli said. “Thus we have established all branches of government. Therefore, I can confidently declare that Asgardia, the first space nation of the United Humanity, is born,” he added.

Space is the only way left for humanity to escape environmental degradation and violence

In 2016, Ashurbeyli launched the proposal to build a nation in space, with the declared aim of “opening up access to space technology, protecting the Earth from cosmic threats, and promoting peace.”

Nicknamed Asgardia, in recognition of one of the mythical worlds inhabited by the Nordic gods, its promoters say that this new space nation will eventually become a member of the United Nations, and it will aim to raise the debate on the legal issues of space activity.

Asgardia “will provide an independent platform, free from the restrictions of the laws of any country on Earth,” as it will become a place in orbit that is genuinely no man’s land.

For the time being, anyone can become a citizen of the new Asgardia space nation

However, Ashurbeyli said he wants to attract the world’s most creative minds, and eventually establish a mandatory IQ test for potential residents of this space nation.

More than 200,000 people have already registered through the Asgardia’s website, although Igor Ashurbeyli wants to recruit a total population of about 150 million people over the next ten years.

Asgardia aims to put a series of satellites into orbit as well, and the first one was already successfully launched by Orbital ATK on November 12th, 2017. This one was a data storage CubeSat preloaded with data of citizens of the intended space nation, a constitution, and representations of its symbols.

Their ultimate goal is to establish an orbital colony within the next 25 years, according to Igor Ashurbeyli.


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