The Fossils of What Could Be the Largest Dinosaur in Europe Were Found in a Man’s Backyard

The Fossils of What Could Be the Largest Dinosaur in Europe Were Found in a Man’s Backyard

Portuguese and Spanish paleontologists discovered what seemed to be the fossils belonging to a sauropod dinosaur that measured 12 meters high and 25 meters long. If further results will confirm the findings, it means that the skeleton belongs to the largest dinosaur to be found in Europe. The bones were found in a man’s backyard from Pombal, meaning a city located in the central region of Portugal, according to EurekAlert!.

Even five years ago, the owner of the property in Portugal where the skeleton was found noticed fragments of fossilized bones, so he decided to contact the research team. 

The fossils were found in an incredibly-well preserved state

Important elements of the axial skeleton, such as the vertebrae and ribs, were collected from the site. It turns out that the bones were preserved pretty well, which surprised the paleontologists responsible for the discovery.

Elisabete Malafaia, who’s a Postdoctoral researcher from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, explained:

It is not usual to find all the ribs of an animal like this, let alone in this position, maintaining their original anatomical position. This mode of preservation is relatively uncommon in the fossil record of dinosaurs, in particular sauropods, from the Portuguese Upper Jurassic.

However, we shouldn’t be surprised if paleontologists will decide to explore the Pombal city even more for other fossils, as here’s another interesting statement issued by Malafaia:

The research in the Monte Agudo paleontological locality confirms that the region of Pombal has an important fossil record of Late Jurassic vertebrates, which in the last decades has provided the discovery of abundant materials very significant for the knowledge of the continental faunas that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula at about 145 million years ago.

Sauropods represent a clade of saurischian dinosaurs and herbivorous creatures that are best known for having long necks and tails. 

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