The ESA Will Use a New Method to Grab Data From China’s Mars Rover

The ESA Will Use a New Method to Grab Data From China’s Mars Rover

Mars continues to represent a very important location in the Solar System when it comes to space exploration. It cannot be otherwise, however, considering the fact that the Red Planet hosts at least some of the conditions necessary for the development of life.

China’s Zhurong rover has been exploring Mars since May, and it will send some of the data gathered to the Mars Express Orbiter of the European Space Agency (ESA). This grants the opportunity for the space agency to use a new method of taking into account that data, according to effectively listening to it.

Five tests should be enough

The goal is that during five tests, the Mars Express will have to listen to a signal that’s sent by the Zhurong rover into space.

Josh Tapley from the ESA explains further:

If [Mars Express] detects the magic signal, the radio will lock on to it and begin recording any data,

At the end of the communication window, the spacecraft will turn to face Earth and relay these data across space the same way it does for other scientific Mars missions. When the data arrive at ESOC, they will be forwarded on to the Zhurong team for processing and analysis.

China continues to be very active in the space exploration field, and that can only make us all happy. The world sure needs more interest in such fields, as our survival as a human species for the far future could depend on it.

Last month, we learned that China even plans to build a huge spacecraft that measures miles long. The National Natural Science Foundation of the Asian country is still looking for ways of how to build such a structure, and it relies on scientists to put the right ideas into action.

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