The End Of The Universe Would Be Caused By A ‘Second Big Bang’ Due To ‘The God Particle’

The End Of The Universe Would Be Caused By A ‘Second Big Bang’ Due To ‘The God Particle’

A study published recently by the scientists at the Harvard University points out that the destabilization of the mysterious Higgs boson (the God particle) can release a huge amount of energy capable of swallowing everything in its path. It was said that this possible “second Big Bang” will bring the end of the Universe.

Scientists even have a date for the end of the Universe

Scientists also claimed to know how this event will be produced and they revealed all the details in a study published in the magazine Physical Review D.

Physicists said that the Higgs boson, also known as “the God particle”, will be responsible for the Universe destruction. This is a small subatomic entity that, according to the Standard Model, gives mass to the other atoms in the Universe.

“The God particle” was discovered thanks to the Large Hadron Collider (GCH) in 2012, almost 50 years after Peter Higgs raised the first theories about its existence.

Maybe you are wondering when it will happen. At the moment, there are no reasons for the panic, since there is still a long time. Scientists calculate that this “second Big Bang” could occur within 10139 years from now.

The Higgs boson can cause a large explosion that would bring the end of the Universe

According to Harvard specialists, if the boson is destabilized, it will release an enormous energy bubble that will swallow up absolutely everything that finds its way, including Earth.

If this will happen, the entire Universe could disappear in the same way it was created.

There is a possibility that the process has already begun somewhere in the universe and we do not know it, as according to the researchers, the curvature of the space-time model around a black hole could drive to collapse.

“The universe can last a long time but, eventually, there should be a <boom>,” concluded the physicist Joseph Lykken, who worked on the subject with the recently deceased Stephen Hawking.

In conclusion, the “second Big Bang”, which could be caused by Higgs boson or “the God particle”, would mean the end of the Universe, according to the scientists, who also added that the process could’ve already started but we don’t know it.


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