The End Of Civilization – Here’s How Scientists Predicted The Future Of Human Civilization And The Results Are Gloomy

The End Of Civilization – Here’s How Scientists Predicted The Future Of Human Civilization And The Results Are Gloomy

The possibilities related to the end of civilization have been mathematically calculated by scientists who also came up with three different scenarios of human extinction and the related dangers that would occur on a global scale and cause the extinction of human civilization.

Human civilization could disappear from the face of the earth in a hypothetical future, revealed Adam Frank, an American astrophysicist, in a scientific article published Wednesday in The Atlantic. This is the conclusion that Frank reached after he and his team of researchers from the University of Rochester, in the USA, calculated what would happen to our planet as the population increases and the effects of climate change intensify.

Three scenarios regarding the end of civilization have been elaborated

Scientists came up with three scenarios regarding the end of civilization, namely, human civilization could either adapt without drastic changes, partially disappear or experience a total collapse.

According to the partial disappearance hypothesis, which according to the researchers is considered the most likely, 70% of the life on Earth will be extinct but it will return to normal, eventually.

On the other hand, the scenario of adaptation without major changes is the most positive option but this would only occur when the civilization will adapt to the effects of climate change, for example rising sea levels, thus avoiding a mass extinction of human civilization.

The option of total collapse means that the Earth would be unable to recover from the damage caused by the human footprint and, in this case, all the life on the Earth would die.

We might learn from extraterrestrials civilizations, scientists think

Likewise, the study also deals with the fate of hypothetical alien civilizations on distant planets and, in this regard, Adam Frank explained that, given the extraordinary number of planets in the Universe, “unless nature is perversely biased against civilizations like ours, we are not the first to appear” or to disappear.

Scientists believe that learning from the mistakes of these extraterrestrial civilizations could be a wise move in preparing us for the effect of climate change on Earth.

That’s why Adam Frank and his team of researchers are “exploring what might have happened to others,” not only to prevent the end of civilization but also to find out what the extinction of human civilization might be like.


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