The Chinese Scientists Have Developed An Invisible Material

The Chinese Scientists Have Developed An Invisible Material

The Chinese have an assembly line where they can produce a “super material” which is, in fact, an invisible material useful in the development of invisible objects.

The new material has properties not met by any other material

A documentary has been broadcasted on China’s state television and talked about an assembly line located in a lab in Shenzhen which is capable to produce invisible materials.

These materials can make objects invisible if added to their structure or can be used to make invisible objects directly.

Although the documentary does not specify the real purpose of this “super material” (scientifically known as a metamaterial), according to other Chinese sources, it would be used on China’s warplanes, especially on the J-20.

How does this material work?

This metamaterial can curve the trajectory of the light waves, thus making it useful to create invisible structures.

Jin Xi, a physician in material science, and his team appeared in the documentary broadcasted by the Chinese national television and offered some details about the production of this “super material”.

Each piece of the invisible material has 80×60 cm and has to be covered in bronze because this represents the basis of the invisible metamaterial. Then, a special layer is added, which present about 20,000 different designs.

These designs possess tiny surfaces of 0.2 square millimeters and contain thousands of microstructures which are invisible to the human eye and are used to control the properties of this metamaterial.

The new invisible material may present huge military applicability

On the Sina news portal, one of China’s largest news portals, has been stated that the material will be used in the aviation industry. Most probably, the J-20, the Chinese fourth-generation war jet, which has similar performance to the American F-22 Raptor.

In the meantime, the Chinese invisible material is a great technological progress in this field with a whole bunch of applicabilities in different fields of activity.


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