The Atmosphere Of Venus Contains UV-Absorbing Sulfur-Oxygen Isomers

The Atmosphere Of Venus Contains UV-Absorbing Sulfur-Oxygen Isomers

An international team of scientists gathered from the US, China, and Germany has created a laboratory spectrum of 4 sulfur-oxygen isomers, OSSO, to end the disputes regarding the character of the UV-absorbing compound found within the atmosphere of Venus.

A powerful UV absorber has been located in the atmosphere of Venus

How could be possible the UV absorption in the atmosphere of Venus has been a challenge for the astronomers and chemists for a very long time. However, they were able to theorize that, maybe, some sulfur-oxygen sorts of compounds may be involved in the UV rays absorption.

But their theories couldn’t have been scientifically proved or disproved until now.

The science team’s leaders, Xiaoqing Zeng (Soochow University, in China) Peter Schreiner (Justus-Liebig University, in Germany) have recently stated that according to a lab experiments they’ve put up, the Venus atmosphere UV rays absorption is indeed linked to the presence of OSSO in the planet’s atmospheric layers.

The complex lab experiment was successful and its results are useful

The team of researchers has analytically validated the implication of OSSO in the atmosphere of Venus using complex methods. The scientists placed the isomers at temperatures close to minus 196 degrees Celsius and putting them under isomerization by using light beams.

By designating the photolysis-induced shifts, the scientists have discovered the fact that the UV absorption tops up in “the spectra of the anti- and syn-isomers matched measurements of the near-UV absorber made by the Pioneer Venus orbiter in the 1970s, with a cyclic-isomer contributing to transitions at 287nm”, according to Chemistry World.

It is considered that the atmospheres of other planets in our Solar System are also containing OSSO, therefore, the recent findings are considered important by the scientists who can now identify OSSO isomers in other planets’ atmospheres besides the atmosphere of Venus.


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