Technology Could Be Harming Our Health Through Metal Pollution

Technology Could Be Harming Our Health Through Metal Pollution

Did you ever wonder that technology can also have a dark side? Probably not, as many of us. Sure, getting your hands on all sorts of sophisticated gears is generally great, and it has improved the lives of many of us. But there might be a serious catch, according to a new study.

Harmful exposure to lead has been around for thousands of years. While researchers from Israel claim that lead contamination in the bones of human beings is dating back roughly 12,000 years ago, they also raise awareness that modern technology could only make the problem worse, according to

More lead was absorbed by people as mining for rare metals increased

Throughout history, people obviously began to mine for rare metals to produce goods with them. But they probably didn’t suspect that the rate of lead absorption will also increase. Even the simple act of breathing can lead to getting exposed to lead by inhaling it.

Credit:, Willi Heidelbach
Credit:, Willi Heidelbach

In a media release, Professor Yigal Erel explains as quoted by

This documentation of lead pollution throughout human history indicates that, remarkably, much of the estimated dynamics in lead production is replicated in human exposure. Thus, lead pollution in humans has closely followed their rates of lead production,

Simply put: the more lead we produce, the more people are likely to be absorbing it into their bodies. This has a highly toxic effect.

For the new study, a research team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem analyzed human remnants of a burial ground from Italy. They analyzed the chemical composition from the bones of each of the 130 individuals’ fragments.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reveals that lead is present in all parts of the environment, whether you’re talking about water, air, soil, and even our own houses.

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