A Suspicious Object was Spotted Outside a Military Base near Area 51 on Google Maps

A Suspicious Object was Spotted Outside a Military Base near Area 51 on Google Maps

Google Maps has been used to make some interesting discoveries in the past. Many users were able to see This time it appears that something new was spotted thanks to the program.

SecureTeam 10 is a YouTube channel that aims to investigate the alien phenomenon. Recently they posted on Twitter a picture that shows a strange object near Area 51, followed by the message ‘What the heck is this at Area 51?’

Mysterious object

Area 51 is well known thanks to numerous conspiracy theories, and may people still believe that there are some hidden secrets there. The new pictures show un unidentified object outside a military base that is close to Area 51.

After the screenshot was posted Twitter user Joshua B also posted the Google Maps coordinates for the object. Then another screenshot was posted, this time from a different mapping service. The same object was spotted, and next to it there was a shape in the sand that had a similar form.

“I screenshotted this photo from the Strava Global Heatmap, in which this screenshot might be newer than the one Tyler had screenshotted from Google Maps.” Joshua B explained.

The object was spotted about 500 miles away from Area 51, near Naval Weapons Center China Lake. While we still do not know for sure what it is, many people believe that it could be a water reservoir. These explanations could make sense since there is a boat next to it.

Someone came with another suggestion: “While I do not have a definitive explanation I would like to point out that the exact same shape of the ‘ship’ is mirrored and imprinted into the ground across from it. That, plus the boat, leads me to believe this is a man-made body of water which caused a visual glitch.”

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