Supervolcano in Italy is Approaching Its Breaking Point

Supervolcano in Italy is Approaching Its Breaking Point

Italy is home to a captivating trio of fiery natural wonders—namely, the Vesuvius volcano near Naples, the dynamic Stromboli, as well as the mighty Mount Etna residing in Sicily. These three active volcanoes paint the Italian landscape with intermittent displays of flowing lava, showcasing the raw power of nature’s molten forces.

However, there’s a supervolcano in Italy as well, one that could be approaching the brink of eruption. The ancient supervolcano is located near the Italian city of Naples, and it’s showing signs of potential eruption after remaining dormant for nearly 600 years, warn European researchers and as CBS News reveals.

Should we worry about Campi Flegrei?

The Campi Flegrei volcano has weakened over time, making it more susceptible to rupturing, according to a study from the University College London and the National Research Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy. Tens of thousands of earthquakes and ground uplift have been recorded, with the town of Pozzuoli rising by 13 feet.

The study’s model suggests that the volcano is approaching the breaking point, with the ground showing signs of breaking rather than bending. While the rupture could occur, magma still needs to push up to the right location for an eruption.

The last time the Campi Flegrei supernova erupted was back half a millennia ago – 485 years ago, to be more precise. In case the huch of scientists is correct, and the supervolcano in question will indeed erupt, a number of roughly 360,000 people will need to be evacuated. 

The new study aims to improve eruption forecasts worldwide and establish criteria for predicting eruptions in other reawakened dormant volcanoes.


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