Superhighway Network Discovered – Will We Travel The Solar System Faster Than Scientists Thought Possible?

Superhighway Network Discovered – Will We Travel The Solar System Faster Than Scientists Thought Possible?

Chances are very likely that our Solar System harbors far more exciting and numerous wonders than any of us could ever imagine. Traveling it all was once just a scenario for sci-fi movies, but scientists are making significant progress towards that goal.

Thanks to, we now know that a new superhighway network was discovered, and scientists say that it can help to travel the Solar System in a record amount of time.

Outstanding achievements coming in just one decade

Scientists are optimistic that they could use the superhighway networks for sending spacecraft to the extremely remote regions of our Solar System. Understanding and monitoring near-Earth objects that could hit our planet is also one way the superhighway networks can be used.

In a maximum of ten years, the new discovery will help scientists to push comets and asteroids close to the distance that separates Jupiter and Neptune. As for the next 100 years, predictions are looking even more optimistic: the speedy paths will move comets and asteroids about 100 astronomical units.

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To make the discovery, the scientists involved had to gather numerical data regarding millions of orbits from our Solar System and then compute how those orbits go inside certain space manifolds.

Our Solar System has a diameter of 287.46 billion km, which adds further evidence that there’s a lot of stuff to explore. However, there’s no use opening the champagne just yet. The researchers responsible for the discovery also said that the results need further observations to see how spacecraft can use manifolds. Regardless of the final outcome, our Solar System is perhaps the most exciting structure from the Universe mainly because it has the only known planet that’s hosting conscious and intelligent beings.


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