Supercomputer Created Virtual Universes To Shed More Light On The Universe’s Origins

Supercomputer Created Virtual Universes To Shed More Light On The Universe’s Origins

To understand the universe better, we need a ‘universe sample’ to test it and see what it’s going to happen next. Well, talking about samples, how about millions of them? Let’s find out how researchers could recreate ‘virtual universes’ using only a supercomputer.

A team of researchers from Arizona University came with their greatest idea ever, to use their Ocelote’s supercomputer as something they called, an incredible ‘Universe Computer.’ This supercomputer from the university has the fantastic skill to recreate many universes, even millions, fact that it will help the team to see better into the universe and understand other many things.

The team, though, didn’t lose their time in recreating every part of the universe, they did instead what seemed to be their greatest work yet, developing a mechanism which allowed them to use the proper resolution to scale a supernova as a very close object.

Virtual universes produced by a supercomputer to help us learn more about the Universe’s origins

What’s more interesting is that each of those virtual universes has its own set of rules, meaning that they will display many possibilities. Researchers worked hard for straight three weeks, succeeding to create 8 millions of virtual universes.

The results not only will help the team understand better the evolution of the universe, but they will check many theories as well. Let’s think about galaxies, for example, as they need an amount of time to produce some stars, and the team stated that they actually need a little bit longer than they taught. Star creation should have ceased ages ago under the actual present models. Dark matter, on the other hand, might not even be so bad in the first place for the creation of the universe. However, things like these make us wonder, and scientists also more.

Researchers now, won’t leave out the discussion the main theories that formed their basics and helped in discovering practically everything they know until now. They will just follow what the supercomputer offered them as hints, new insights, or other approaches.


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