Superbugs Breakthrough – New Study On Bacterial Structure Could Help Lower Antibiotic Resistance

Superbugs Breakthrough – New Study On Bacterial Structure Could Help Lower Antibiotic Resistance

A recent study is striving to provide resourceful information regarding the antibiotic resistance of superbugs with the help of a series of images featuring the structure of the cell wall of microbes. The research was published in the Nature journal and has managed to reveal a unique structure of the bacterial layers on a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus.

The findings are meant to set the light on the inner-workings of the growing process of bacteria and how the antibiotics can be efficiently created. The high-resolution images provide insight into the formation and composition of the bacterial cell wall. In addition to this, it demonstrates how the antibiotic resistance can be combatted.

The leading researcher, Laia Pasquina Lemonche, has declared that they are still researching the way that antibiotics, such as penicillin, can kill bacteria. They are amazed by the amount of information that they managed to accumulate, but they are still far away from concluding.

New Bacterial Structure Study To Boost The Fight Against Superbugs

The research was conducted with the help of the microscopy technique named Atomic Force Microscopy, responsible for creating the image of individual molecules at such a small scale. In addition to this, Prof. Jamie Hobbs has added that to determine the inner workings of the bacteria cell wall; it is of utmost importance to combine a team of physicists and biologists with working on the findings.

The research is part of the Florey Institute of the University of Sheffield, which researches the world’s most exciting challenges, such as infectious diseases, aiming to create antibiotic resistance. The University of Sheffield is highly known for its impressive number of students and its extensive international environment.

It is one of the most leading universities in the world, with about 3,000 students. The goal of this educational institute is to unite the students and the teachers towards a sole purpose: the discovery and understanding of the evolution of the world we live in. In the new study, the researchers focused on the fight against superbugs.

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