The Sun Will Cool Down By 2050 – Is A Mini Ice Age Possible?

The Sun Will Cool Down By 2050 – Is A Mini Ice Age Possible?

The sun will become much cooler and less shiny by 2050, warns American astronomers at the University of California, San Diego. Will this create a Mini Ice Age?

A study proves the fact that the Sun will be cooler

According to scientists, these changes will be the result of the grand solar minimum phenomenon. This rare but cycle phenomenon represents the periodic phenomenon, when the magnetic field of the Sun weakens, forming fewer spots and emitting less ultraviolet.

In their study, specialists have analyzed the radiation of other Sun-like stars over the course of 20 years. Based on the data thus obtained, they concluded that the Sun would become cooler and less shiny in the mid-21st century.

The biggest Sun temperature drop has been recorded 300 years ago

Every 11 years, the sun’s activity decreases and increases.

This time, however, the Sun’s temperature will drop, according to the UC San Diego’s scientists, below the minimum recorded 300 years ago, roughly between 1645 and 1715.

Back then, according to estimates done by the astrophysicist Edward Walter Maunder, only 50 spots were formed on the Sun’s surface instead of 40,000-50,000 as it would be normal.

The events of that period of time are called the Maunder Minimum.

How will that influence our lives – Is a Mini Ice Age Possible?

The Maunder Minimum was also known as the “Little Ice Age” and during that period the mountains’ glaciers and the frozen parts of Europe continent expanded.

Regarding the future grand solar minimum, some scientists say it is a fragment of the history of mankind, usually characterized by a short period of glaciation. But not all researchers support this hypothesis, as they say, that even in the conditions of a dramatic decline in solar activity there can not be an accelerated global cooling.

UC San Diego’s researchers, however, concluded that the future grand solar minimum will not affect the global climate because the Earth has already been heated up by global warming, therefore, it will be much more of a regularization of the global temperature.


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