The Stunning Jupiter Image NASA Has Just Captured – Jupiter As You Have Never Seen It Before

The Stunning Jupiter Image NASA Has Just Captured – Jupiter As You Have Never Seen It Before

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System. In fact, Jupiter is a huge gaseous planet giant and had always attracted the astronomers. Since 2011, NASA has placed a probe, Juno, on Jupiter’s orbit to examine the planet’s atmosphere and surface. During Juno’s 11th orbit around Jupiter, the probe has captured a stunning Jupiter image depicting the huge reddish planet as we’ve never seen it before.

Juno has captured the Jupiter’s dark twilight zone

The image of the Jupiter’s cloud structures has been captured with JunoCam, the video tool placed by NASA on the Juno probe when it was orbiting Jupiter at a distance of 120,533 kilometers, on February 7th.

The JunoCam was set to take multiple “portrait-mode” pics at various exposures of the Jupiter’s are where the day merges with the night, as NASA wanting to take a perfect image that would reflect the desired light balance.

Luckily, Juno was able to capture the “Jupiter’s dark twilight zone, the much brighter illuminated day-side of Jupiter becomes overexposed with the higher exposure,” admitted the NASA engineers.

The before-captured images were post-processed by Gerald Eichstädt, a civilian scientist that collaborates with NASA.

According to NASA, the pic is just one of the several ones that Juno has taken during a research aiming to collect the best outcomes of the lightest areas of the polar sides of Jupiter.

Juno’s mission on Jupiter

The objective of the mission the Juno has is to inspect the atmosphere of Jupiter in order to collect lots of data about the giant planet’s atmosphere, structure, climate, cloud formations, and so on.

NASA’s Juno probe also has the objective to determine if there is any water on Jupiter and, if so, to calculate its amount. NASA hopes that Juno’s readings will help them learn more about the way our Solar System’s planets have formed.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the most stunning Jupiter image NASA has just captured revealing the Jupiter’s dark twilight zone.


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