A Sterility Bug Will Be Used To Kill Mosquitoes Population In Miami

A Sterility Bug Will Be Used To Kill Mosquitoes Population In Miami

A weird but hopefully effective method will be used by Miami’s officials to overcome the increasing mosquitoes population. Scientists infected male mosquitoes with a sterility bug that will hopefully reduce mosquitoes population in Miami.

Researchers hope that, upon releasing the male mosquitoes that carry the bacteria, these will mate with the female mosquitoes in the area which will make dead eggs as the bacteria-infestation result. Therefore, in the future, the mosquitoes population in Miami will reduce significantly.

The initial research on the method was conducted by the University of Kentucky but it is now commercialized by a company which was suggestively named MosquitoesMate. According to the company’s representatives, the sterile mosquitoes males will not be genetically modified but, instead, they’ll be infected with the Wolbachia bacterium which is already present, naturally, on 60% of all the insects’ species.

The company vanishes any worries, whatsoever, by clearly stating that the bacterium is not transmissible to humans. Plus, the males mosquitoes will not feed so will not transmit illnesses as the regular mosquitoes females do.

However, this method will only be effective on Aedes Aegyptus mosquitoes species, or the regular mosquitoes. The method has proven to be efficient in reducing the female population of the targeted species, during the trials.

Among the most dangerous mosquitoes-bourne viruses there are:

  • Zika – produces very mild flu-like symptoms or none but can produce serious birth defects for unborn babies if the mothers contract it;
  • West Nile – similar to the flu in terms of symptoms it can produce severe complications when its more virulent strains are contracted;
  • Viral Encephalitis – is an inflammation of the brain associated with increased mortality and morbidity;

Doctors recommend avoidance of mosquitoes favorite area (near water) and advise parents to protect their children from mosquitoes bites by using mosquitoes repellents, especially when mosquitoes-bourne viruses outbreaks are registered.



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