Stephen Hawking Foundation Allows Time Travelers To Attend The Stephen Hawking Thanksgiving Service

Stephen Hawking Foundation Allows Time Travelers To Attend The Stephen Hawking Thanksgiving Service

The thanksgiving service for the late British physicist Stephen Hawking, to be held at Westminster Abbey, in London, on June 15th, is open to “time travelers” but not to flat-earthers, and this is not a joke. At the request of the deceased’s children, Robert, Lucy, and Tim, the Stephen Hawking Foundation has submitted a thousand free tickets for the event to the raffle, which can be requested until midnight on may 15th via the entity’s website.

On the application form, the date of birth section can be filled in from 1918 to 2038, which includes the possibility of future-born persons attending the event, if they can teleport back in time, of course.

“We cannot exclude the theoretical possibility of time travel, as it has not been satisfactorily ruled out. Anything is possible until proven otherwise,” said one representative of the Stephen Hawking Foundation.

The representative also indicated that, so far, about 12,000 applications have been received “from around the world”, and jokingly stressed that they are “from around the world” since people “who believe that the Earth is flat” will not come.

The Stephen Hawking Foundation followed the scientist’s “affinity” for time travelers

A blogger who was among the first to realize the weird birth dates range, IanVisits, recalled Stephen Hawking organized a party for time travelers, to see if anyone would show up if he would spread the invitations after the party.

“No one came, but it seems perfect that now the reminder service’s website will be able to assist people born in the future. Stay tuned for future travelers at the abbey,” IanVisits wrote on his blog.

Thousands of people flanked the streets of Cambridge for Hawking’s funeral on March 31st and several commemorative events have already been organized.

In addition to his research into the expansion of the Universe and black holes, Stephen Hawking became famous for his popular science books, including “A Brief History of Time”, and his life was the subject of a 2014 film, “The Theory of Everything.”

The thanksgiving service, with or without time travelers, is scheduled by Stephan Hawking Foundation for June 15th and will “celebrate the life and work” of the scientist, and his ashes will be buried between the graves of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, said the Westminster dean, the Reverend John Hall.


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