Specialist Proposes Simple ‘Trick’ to Have a Better Sleep at Night

Specialist Proposes Simple ‘Trick’ to Have a Better Sleep at Night

In the USA, way more than half of the adults (70%, to be more precise) report that they don’t get enough sleep at least one night per month. In other words, way too many people out there have trouble sleeping, but the good news is that there are plenty of ways to overcome the issue. They don’t even necessarily imply taking any pills!

Olivia Arezzolo, a sleep specialist, believes that simply taking a shower before going to bed and after you lay it low with tech stuff can assure a better sleep, according to the New York Post. The blue light coming from our smartphones and laptops can make us have a bad sleep. Therefore, we can simply read a book instead of using our phones before falling asleep, for instance. As simple as it sounds, showers can also promote melatonin, the hormone made in our bodies that has the role of regulating sleep-wake cycles.

Arezzolo explains as the publication mentioned above quotes:

While in the shower, I recommend integrating calming scents in your body wash, such as lavender and vetiver, as both reduce activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which can otherwise make you feel tense,

Once you move back into the bedroom, creating a perfect sleep sanctuary with no screens, a spritz of these calming scents in a pillow spray and dabbing your pulse points with the oils too is a great place to start.

The sleep specialist also spoke about advice from the European Sleep Centre in the case of those who deal with sleep issues. She reminds us about measures like avoiding alcohol completely, reducing the intake of caffeine, and even reducing the temperature in your room.

There are plenty of curious facts about sleep out there. We are the only mammals that are able to postpone sleep, for instance. Getting a new bed may even be able to grant us more sleeping time. 

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