Sparkling Fireball Ignites the Night Sky of Colorado – Watch Video

Sparkling Fireball Ignites the Night Sky of Colorado – Watch Video

Are you ready to admire a new dose of a blinding cosmic phenomenon that made night turn into day? If your answer is “yes”, you’re in luck! Such a fireball ignited the skies over Colorado (USA) on Sunday morning at 4:30.

Fireballs and meteors often traverse the skies, and a lot of eyewitnesses are lucky enough to spot them. But few of these astronomical phenomenons are so bright and intimidating as the recent one from Colorado. Behold:

It seems that how someone perceives such an incredible cosmic phenomenon mostly has to do with the individual’s personality. He can either be scared or excited by it.

A “Bollide” type

Bookout, who’s a professor at Pikes Peak Community College and also a member of the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society, explains to us more, as quoted by

That’s definitely a Bolide type. There are multiple different types of meteors that come through. The vast majority of what we see that comes through like this these are all pieces of comments that have broken up in the trail and things like that or they could be random pieces out of the asteroid belt.

Our publication has written a lot about fireballs emerging across the skies of different areas of the globe. For instance, NASA has revealed five fireballs that were seen over the US in just a week.

Luckily enough, most fireballs don’t pose any threat to our planet. They get obliterated in the atmosphere due to air friction and gravitational acceleration.

NASA is also keeping an eye on any potential space rocks that could become dangerous for Earth. However, everybody has to admit that the Universe is way too unfathomably huge for any technological equipment to spot on time any object that’s too big and gets too close to us.

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