SpaceX Hires a 14-Year-Old Boy

SpaceX Hires a 14-Year-Old Boy

SpaceX is known to have tens of thousands of employees. Working as an engineer at the famous space agency seems like a dream for many, and it surely takes decades to get there. But not for Kairan Quazi, a 14-year-old boy who’s about to graduate college.

Kairan Quazi is the 14-year-old prodigy who’s about to embark on a remarkable journey as a software engineer at SpaceX, according to Los Angeles Times. Despite the boy’s young age, he has achieved incredible academic milestones, such as graduating from the Santa Clara University School of Engineering.

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The teenager’s passion for problem-solving and desire to contribute to something greater than himself drew him to the satellite communications and spacecraft manufacturer. Kairan’s story is one of overcoming challenges, breaking down biases, and also inspiring others to pursue their ambitions. As he joins SpaceX’s Starlink team, he embraces the opportunity to make a significant impact in the world of technology and space exploration.

During an interview, Kairan said, as the Los Angeles Times quotes:

I think my college years have been the happiest years of my life, because I had a lot of autonomy, really, to share my journey. 

The boy also said, as the same source quotes:

I think one of the things I really want to do with telling my story is hopefully have leaders in influential positions challenge their biases and misconceptions,

Hopefully, I can open the door to more people like me.

Surely Kairan’s story can make a lot of people out there feel more confident in themselves and their skills. It’s amazing to see that during an age when most of us had other priorities, Kairan Quazi has been so gifted by God.


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