SpaceX Aims to Display Billboard Ads into Orbit

SpaceX Aims to Display Billboard Ads into Orbit

SpaceX is well-known to engage in unusually ambitious plans regarding space exploration. Not only that the space agency aims to put humans on Mars in the following years; It’s now planning to send a satellite into orbit capable of displaying billboard ads.

For that matter, SpaceX will be teaming up with the Canadian startup Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC). The GEC CEO told Insider about the partnership. The satellite will be showcasing ads and logos of various companies on a screen. Companies will even get the chance to bid for having their own choices displayed by the satellite.

Meet CubeSat

GEC doesn’t seem to waste any time. According to Samuel Reid, who is the CEO and co-founder, the company is already in the process of building the satellite, and it shall be named CubeSat. Since everything takes time, especially high-tech gear, we’ll have to wait at least until early 2022 to see the satellite into action. That’s the release date of CubeSat into space!

CubeSat will be loaded on a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX, which will carry the satellite into orbit. The selfie stick attached to CubeSat will also be able to film the display, while the footage will be live-streamed on social networks such as Twitch and YouTube. This means that pretty much everyone will get to see the ads that CubeSat will show.

Reid declared, as quoted by Insider:

There might be companies which want to depict their logo… or it might end up being a bit more personal and artistic,

Maybe Coca-Cola and Pepsi will fight over their logo and reclaim over each other.

The upcoming satellite will also be equipped with a selfie stick for snapping memorable photos of the ads along with our planet in the background. Surely you would be willing to pay good money for such a privilege!


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