Space Tourism To Become A Reality By 2021 When Orion Span Plans To Launch The First Space Hotel

Space Tourism To Become A Reality By 2021 When Orion Span Plans To Launch The First Space Hotel

It is well known that in recent years the technology has advanced fast. It actually advanced so much that space tourism will be a reality. Believe it or not but, recently, the Orion Span company announced on its website that by 2021 it plans to open a space station called Aurora Station that will function as the first luxury space hotel.

$9.5 million is how much you’d have to pay to join the first flight

During Space 2.0 Summit held in San Jose, California, the head of the company, Frank Bunger, announced that the station will consist of a module of 42 square meters capable of holding up to six people, including 4 tourists and 2 astronauts.

Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, a place on this luxury space hotel can only be grabbed by just a few people because, although the company announced that it is an ‘accessible’ price, the ticket costs $9.5 million, which will include the 3 months of training program that will precede the trip.

According to the project’s creators, it is relatively a much lower cost compared to other space tourism projects that have taken place. From 2001 to 2009, 7 people made a total of 8 trips to the International Space Station (ISS), paying between 20 and 40 million dollars each.

However, Orion Span target is to offer affordable prices in the future

Among the activities that the lucky space tourists will be able to do will be to float in zero gravity, to grow food and take them home as souvenirs, and observe 16 sunrises and sunsets in a single day.

The hotel plans to welcome its first visitors in 2022.

“We want to make the space accessible to average people with average incomes,” Bunger said during Space 2.0 Summit conference.

In the meantime, if you are interested in living this futuristic experience of space tourism, you can already reserve a spot on the Aurora Station space hotel directly on the Orion Span website but you will have to make a deposit of no more than $80,000.


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