Space Rock Landing in the UK Carries Amino Acids

Space Rock Landing in the UK Carries Amino Acids

For those of you who skipped biology lessons at school, you can keep in mind that amino acids, those tiny little building blocks of life, are like the Legos of the biological world. Without them, we wouldn’t be here to tell the tale of their importance. They’re the “brick and mortar” of life, if you will.

You see, amino acids are the foundation upon which proteins are built, and proteins are the key players in almost every biological process that takes place in living organisms. They’re like the construction workers of the body, building and repairing cells, transporting molecules, and even catalyzing chemical reactions.

Without amino acids, there would be no DNA, no enzymes, no hormones, and no muscles.

Obviously, a space rock crashing on Earth and bringing amino acids along gives us a lot to think about. What if the building blocks for life came from another planet, and we are all aliens, for instance?

Amino acids exist on the Winchcombe meteorite

According to, the Winchcombe meteorite that crashed in 2021 in the UK was found to contain amino acids. The discovery could provide more insight into how life started to exist on Earth. In fact, the meteorite in question might actually belong to an entirely new category of such space rocks. 

Queenie Chan, leader of the new research and also a lecturer, stated:

Studying the organic inventory of the Winchcombe meteorite provided us with a window into the past, how simple chemistry kick started the origin of life at the birth of our solar system. Discovering these life’s precursor organic molecules allowed us to comprehend the fall of similar material to the surface of the Earth, prior to the emergence of life on our own planet.

The next time you enjoy a delicious steak or a tasty tofu dish, remember to thank the amino acids for making it all possible. Without them, we’d be nothing but a bunch of lifeless goo, and that’s no way to live.

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