Solar Flares Will Become a Lot More Powerful, NASA Warns

Solar Flares Will Become a Lot More Powerful, NASA Warns

If you’re also concerned about solar flares, welcome to the club! Our Sun hasn’t been acting too friendly in the recent past. To make matters worse, NASA doesn’t have good news, either.

According to BGR, the space agency warns that solar flares will even increase in their intensity. Although solar flares are generally known to not pose a danger to us humans, they can increase the ionization of our upper atmosphere, interfering with short-wave radio communication and temporarily heating and expanding the outer atmosphere. 

More powerful solar flares in 2025

The year when NASA predicts more powerful solar flares to occur is 2025. However, our star will continue with its release of higher amounts of energy until that year, and one way of manifesting them is through the beautiful aurora borealis phenomenon. 

Solar flares can sometimes lead to geomagnetic storms and issues with the GPS systems, spacecraft, and more.

We can remember back in late 2021 when we shared the news about huge auroras above the Earth. The photo was taken from the International Space Station, and you can see it in all its glory below:

But as expected, not even the ISS will last forever. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson revealed that commercial space stations could take the place of the International Space Station.

Bill Nelson said a while ago as quotes:

Unfortunately, I believe we’re in a space race with China,

I’m speaking on behalf of the United States, for China to be a partner. I’d like China to do with us as a military adversary, like Russia has done … I would like to try to do that. But China is very secretive, and part of the civilian space program is that you’ve got to be transparent.

Let’s just all hope that the Sun won’t lead to any completely unexpected and terrible outcome in 2025!


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