Smoking Weed is Not Necessarily Making People Lazier, New Study Reveals

Smoking Weed is Not Necessarily Making People Lazier, New Study Reveals

Cannabis remains among the most popular recreational drugs in the world – over 150 million people use it. It’s also a fact that THC concentrations from marijuana are significantly higher nowadays, which leads to harsher effects such as hallucinations and psychosis.

It’s known that smoking weed can make a person become lazier and sluggish, but that might be more like a prejudice if we believe what a new study from Cambridge University and King’s College London has to say. According to that new research, which was published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, smoking weed doesn’t make a person more likely to become apathetic or lazy.

274 people were assessed

To solve the mystery, the researchers involved in the study recruited 274 people, both adults, and teenagers, who smoke weed regularly. The subjects were asked various questions. What does “smoking weed regularly” mean in this case? Simple: at least one time every week. 

The Cambridge press release writes:

Cannabis users scored slightly lower than non-users on anhedonia — in other words, they appeared better able to enjoy themselves — but there was no significant difference when it came to apathy,

The researchers also found no link between frequency of cannabis use and either apathy or anhedonia in the people who used cannabis.

Cambridge psychiatry Ph.D. candidate Martine Skumlien stated:

We were surprised to see that there was really very little difference between cannabis users and non-users when it came to lack of motivation or lack of enjoyment, even among those who used cannabis every day,

This is contrary to the stereotypical portrayal we see on TV and in movies.

The physical effects of smoking marijuana, in general, are well-known by the public: dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate, increased appetite, and bloodshot eyes. 

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