Smoking Marijuana Significantly Increases Your Chances of Going to the ER

Smoking Marijuana Significantly Increases Your Chances of Going to the ER

You should never deceive yourself by thinking that it’s ok to do something, whatever it is, just because most people or your friends are doing it as well. It also applies to smoking marijuana, whether we’re willing to accept it or not. But you know that nature doesn’t give a molecule about what we want to accept or not.

The Daily Beast tells us about a new study led by Nicholas Vozoris from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto that raises awareness for those who like to smoke weed. The research found that if you smoke marijuana regularly, you may be 22% more at risk of visiting the emergency room (ER). At least, that was the percentage found in the assessments the researchers conducted – those who were smoking weed frequently were 22% more likely to “win a trip” to the emergency room. The data from almost 4,800 weed smokers and roughly 10,000 non-smokers of weed was analyzed and compared.

Smoking marijuana needs to be reduced

Those using cannabis might find it hard to grasp, but the researchers involved in the new study are extremely worried about smoking marijuana. They also found that 1 in 25 cannabis smokers will resist for a maximum of one year until they are forced to visit the emergency department.

Here’s what Nicholas Vozoris said, as The Daily Beast quotes:

Our study demonstrates that the use of this substance is associated with serious negative outcomes, specifically [emergency department] visits and hospitalizations,

Cannabis use needs to be discouraged and reduced in the population, so as to help prevent serious adverse health consequences from happening to individuals and to protect our fragile health-care systems from further strain.

The new study was published in BMJ Open Respiratory Research.


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