Simulations of Mars Manned Mission Starts

Simulations of Mars Manned Mission Starts

It’s not a secret to anyone that sending humans to Mars in the near future is one of the biggest goals of astronomers. Although building a colony there is out of the question, at least for the first few decades, the first man who will lay foot on the Red Planet will surely be privileged, and not just for the sake of the statistics.

Humans landing for Mars, although not for a long stay, represent a great achievement once it will be realized. But until that moment, plenty of scientific studies and observations are needed.

Advanced simulation of a manned mission to Mars happens in Israel

According to, six astronauts moved to a structure simulating a space station where they can find conditions similar to those from Mars. The location of the experiment is based in Makhtesh Ramon, meaning a city park from Israel. The astronauts were gathered from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Austria, and Israel.

Dr. Sorek Abramovich declared, as quoted by

I usually study extreme life environments, typically associated with astrobiology,

For example, if on Earth they find something living at minus-40 degrees, 11,000 meters below the sea, then maybe there’s a chance of finding life in such extreme environments on other planets.

Oddly or not, Mars is only the second-smallest planet in the Solar System. However, its importance for the world could be priceless, considering that astronomers hope that some forms of life could develop there. Hopefully, we’ll uncover the mystery in our lifetime if scientists, in general, are diligent enough.

If nothing unexpected occurs, NASA will really send the first astronauts to Mars in about a decade. However, they have to pass the Artemis test first, meaning a safe landing on the Moon and building a base there. It will be the return to our natural satellite after a break of almost half a century.


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