Shocking Meteorite Composition Reveals Water Origin Evidence

Shocking Meteorite Composition Reveals Water Origin Evidence

You might believe that water has been always here on Earth, but things might not be exactly like this according to the latest reports. 

As you probably know by now, Earth is the only planet that’s known to have liquid water on the surface – this is a fundamental characteristic when it comes to explaining the emergence of life.

It’s been also assumed that water could have been delivered to our planet by asteroids and comets that bombarded Earth.

According to the latest reports coming from SciTechDaily, in the journal Science, scientists from the Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques in Nancy (CNRS/Université de Lorraine) are adding new info to this debate by showing that “most of the water present on the Earth today has probably been there right from the very beginning.”

The interesting thing is that the earth has been formed in a location of the Solar System where the temperatures were too high for water to condense and clump together with other solids such as ice – this supports the hypothesis of a later addition of water on Earth. 

The amount of water in the rocks that made Earth has never been estimated correctly 

On the other hand, the online publication mentioned above notes that the amount of water that’s present in the rocks that have made our planet has never been estimated accurately.

Experts have been focusing on meteorites with a composition that is similar to the one of our planet. 

Research results show that the “Earth’s primitive rocks probably contained enough water to provide at least three times the amount of water in the Earth’s oceans.”

As a conclusion, the Earth appears to have obtained the overwhelming majority of its water from its constituent materials.
We recommend that you check out the complete original article posted in SciTechDaily in order to find out all the available details. 

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