Severe Weather Alert Kicks In for Millions of People in the US

Severe Weather Alert Kicks In for Millions of People in the US

Both mudslides and tornadoes can be extremely dangerous natural disasters, but they pose different types of risks. People living in the state of California are now on alert for similar natural disasters as a result of the ‘bomb cyclone’ in the American state, according to ABC NEWS.

The severe weather outbreak was spawned by a “bomb cyclone” in California, and it caused destruction across a large swath of the US, leaving a wake of mudslides, tree-toppling gusts, and tornados. Over 50 million people are on alert from Texas to Pennsylvania, bracing for large hail, damaging winds, flooding, and tornadoes. The storm system, the same one that wreaked havoc in Northern California, has caused two confirmed tornados in Southern California, including the strongest to hit the Los Angeles area in 40 years.

Tornadoes are relatively rare in California

While tornadoes are rare in California, the state has experienced an increase in twisters in the last 30 years. The storm system is now moving eastward, with a flood watch in effect for parts of 10 states and a strong threat of tornadoes expected for parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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Mudslides, also known as landslides, occur when large amounts of soil, rocks, and debris move rapidly down a slope. They are often triggered by heavy rainfall, earthquakes, or other natural events that destabilize the ground. Mudslides can be very destructive, damaging buildings, roads, and other infrastructure in their path, and can be lethal if people are caught in the landslide’s path.

Tornadoes, on the other hand, are rotating columns of air that form during severe thunderstorms. They are often accompanied by strong winds, hail, and lightning, and can cause significant damage to buildings, vehicles, and other structures. Tornadoes can also be deadly, as they can lift and toss heavy objects, such as cars or trees, and can injure or kill people who are caught in their path.


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