Seismic Activity Raises Concerns in Idaho, as the Yellowstone Volcano is Close

Seismic Activity Raises Concerns in Idaho, as the Yellowstone Volcano is Close

Americans living in Idaho might have to taste more of nature’s wrath pretty soon. The US Geological Survey (USGS) raises awareness about multiple earthquakes that are extremely likely to occur in the area, according to

The news shouldn’t surprise anyone since there’s plenty of seismic activity in Idaho already. For the past 20 months, the American state has been dealing with increased seismic activity. The most obvious guess is that the Yellowstone Volcano might have something to do with it. But can the truth be so grim?

Idaho’s seismicity can’t influence the Yellowstone volcano

The USGS brings some good news: the seismic activity from Idaho can’t possibly wake up the Yellowstone volcano. Otherwise, the volcano is not expected to erupt anytime soon, either.

The agency stated, as quoted by

Aftershocks are a normal and forecastable phenomenon following tectonic earthquakes caused when the Earth’s crust moves past itself along fractures called faults.

This movement usually happens very quickly as stored tectonics force is released.

The energy produced by the fault movement is converted into seismic waves that radiate outward from the rupture.

The group also pinpointed that the seismic activity from Idaho can’t affect the Yellowstone volcanic field in any significant way. The rest of the explanation goes as follows, as cited by the same source mentioned above:

Large, distant earthquakes can cause changes to geysers and hot springs within Yellowstone because shaking fractures the fragile subsurface hot water plumbing systems.

However, significant tectonic stresses are not transmitted very far. reveals what would happen in the terrifying scenario of the Yellowstone volcano ever exploding: ash spread across thousands of miles of the US would be scattered. Buildings would get damaged, crops would be smothered,  and power plants would be shut down.

Let’s be thankful that there’s no sign for such a scenario to become a reality anytime soon!


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